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 AAMBC presents: The AAMBC National Meeting a southern literary event that will be held June 13-14 2009. The event will be held at the Radisson Hotel in downtown San Antonio near the beautiful and historical river walk.

This event will cater to the AAMBC organization, many fellow book clubs across the nation, and new and seasoned authors throughout the United States. You will experience a family oriented atmosphere and a social gathering that will build great connections with nationally recognized and locally recognized authors and publishers.

The AAMBC, which stands for African Americans on the Move Book Club, is a highly anticipated literary event that will bring readers and authors together for a more personal meeting. You will experience great food, music, book signings, and build new relationships in the city of San Antonio.
Visit http://aambcnationalmeeting.blogspot.com/ fore more information


Voting Polls for the 2009 AAMBC Award Show

Cast your Vote for the 2009 AAMBC Award Show for the AAMBC National Meeting. Which will take place in downtown San Antonio near the beautiful and historic river walk? Don’t be the one to miss out on making sure your choice is awarded with AAMBC recognition.
Visit http://aambcvoting.blogspot.com/ to cast your votes today
Register today by downloading the form
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