AAMBC Book Review Team 

Giving Honest Reviews Every Month

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 The AAMBC Book review team are devoted members of AAMBC who took on the task of giving their honest opinions on each book sent to our San Antonio Office. We ship out books to each reviewers home and allow them a time frame to develope their thoughts and publish a review. We publish reviews online for many authors who inquire to our book club. The benefits of being on the book review team is you help each author promote their novels, your reviews are seen on a national level, and you get to receive books at no cost to you. Book reviews are used for the purpose of promotions. Please note you can be removed if you have a lack of contact with the president and if you do not complete a review on time.

How do I join the Book Review Team:

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. pay your monthly membership fees of $5
  3. email us and tell us why you want to be on the team at aambookclub@yahoo.com
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